My favorite family!

So, with a new baby in the family, my sister & I seem to plan some kind of shoot for Cooper almost every week!  The kid’s gonna have every minute of his life documented… Here’s a shoot we did at The Dallas Arboretum a couple of weeks ago.  There are more to come from this session, but here are a few of my favs.  

Arboretum 2008_0102aArboretum 2008_0115acrop copyArboretum 2008_0120aArboretum 2008_0079bArboretum 2008_0145aArboretum 2008_0154aArboretum 2008_0153aArboretum 2008_0158b

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Lilly Meets Cooper

 A few weeks ago, my cousin Janey & little Lilly flew into Dallas for a visit to the Homeland. On their way out of town, they made a quick stop to meet baby Cooper.  Acting as chauffer for the day, Aunt Patti met us there, too. 

I happen to catch the cutest moment when Lilly noticed Catherine’s kitties going in & out of their little kitty-door to their food & litter box.  Lilly got down on the ground for a closer inspection of this tiny door-in-a-door, and Patti then joined her to get the same vantage point!  Too cute.  And kudos to Patti, grandmother to 5 (and 1 more on the way!) for laying on the floor!!  Never an easy task after the age of …Oh, say… 15!  

Halloween 2008_0163a

Halloween 2008_0180a

Halloween 2008_0183a

Halloween 2008_0190a

Patti caught this great picture of Lilly & I utilizing Catherin’s chalkboard wall.  Oh, how Coop will enjoy this one day!!  

Halloween 2008_0195a

And the cousins meet for the first time!  It was so good to see you, Jane, if only for a few hours.  Next time will definitely have to be a little longer!  
Halloween 2008_0203a
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My Little Pumpkin Nephew

Catherine & I had sooo much fun “playing” with Cooper in the pumpkin patch near her house before Halloween. I use the word “playing” lightly, meaning we played with him & positioned him in numerous hilarious ways without him even waking up! I was kinda feelin’ bad for the kid… I mean Oct. in Texas is not always this hot, but on this particular day, it must’ve been pushing 90, and we had the kid all decked out with a fleece hat & all!  He was such a trooper! Cooper The Trooper. Here’s the fruit of our labor.

Halloween 2008_0023A

Halloween 2008_0051B

Halloween 2008_0057B

Halloween 2008_0115A

Halloween 2008_0121a

I love this next shot!  He smiled right as she went in for a kiss!

Halloween 2008_0127a

Oh No!  We’ve been caught!   

Halloween 2008_0150a
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Jessie & Eric’s Wedding

Here’s a wedding I shot recently with Melissa Koehler & Jasmine Marie.  Both of these girls are incredibly sweet & so much fun to work with.  Miss you guys!

Jessie & Eric’s wedding was the last one I shot in San Diego this summer before heading to Big D.  It was such a beautiful day on the San Diego Bay with a beautiful sunset!  Enjoy. 

Jessie & Eric 06-08_0012

Jessie & Eric 06-08_0062

Jessie & Eric 06-08_0069 copy

Jessie & Eric 06-08_0036

Jessie & Eric 06-08_0232Jessie & Eric 06-08_0106Jessie & Eric 06-08_0109Jessie & Eric 06-08_0202Jessie & Eric 06-08_0273Jessie & Eric 06-08_0373aJessie & Eric 06-08_0427Jessie & Eric 06-08_0493groomJessie & Eric 06-08_0521Jessie & Eric 06-08_0551Jessie & Eric 06-08_0568BJessie & Eric 06-08_0592

And my favorite one from the whole day…

Jessie & Eric 06-08_0547B

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It’s that time of year …

One thing that October reminds me of  is the Texas State Fair!  Now, this isn’t just an ordinary state fair, this is The Biggest State Fair in the COUNTRY!!  But everything’s bigger in Texas, right?!  
My dad took a day off of work one day last week, and we made it a father-daughter day!  So much fun.

State Fair15

One of the things the Texas State Fair is known for is the gigantic ferris wheel, The Texas Star. It has to be something like 30 stories high!

State Fair16
State Fair11

The other thing the fair is known for is Big Tex! He acts as the Host of the party, and actually talks! “Howdy, Folks!”

State Fair8

It seemed like the contest were endless: food, photography, quilting, even antiques!

State Fair5

And no fair would be complete without a trip to the petting zoo! …though, in Texas, we have more than just the petting zoo… we have actual livestock competitions! And I mean – it’s serious business!!

State Fair4State Fair2

How cute are these height charts? Am I tall enough?

State Fair12

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Catherine’s Maternity Shoot

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Come On, 5D !

I entered a photo contest this afternoon, and the Grand Prize is a Pro-level Canon 5D camera!  WhooHoo!  The contest is being held by Studio414.  Thanks for the opportunity, girls!  
I had a hard time deciding, but here are the images I settled on for the contest. 
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