Mammoth Men Ride Again!

Seriously, these guys totally have the right idea!! Traveling the country together several times a year on a really cool bus… I mean – can it get any better?! But really, I’m completely envious of their adventures and wish we had a Mammoth Women Bus! Who wants to join me?!

So, they’re a group of 12 photographers, who make a vague itinerary and then post a “Choose Your Own Adventure” poll on their blog, determining what they’ll do the next day! It’s so much fun to follow along, and they are all terrific photographers.


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5 Responses to Mammoth Men Ride Again!

  1. some chick says:

    Dude! Kyle and I went to youth group together!

  2. LovingMusic says:

    What a great concept.

  3. Diana says:

    I think you should blog Molly’s first Christmas tree experience.

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