Spring is springing…

…you know, as opposed to “Spring has sprung.”

Ok, I tried.

Anyway, this is the view from my bedroom window, and I love seeing the tiny buds on the trees! They’re trying their hardest to have a little life and Texas just can’t decide what kind of weather it wants to have… freezing temps overnight one day and 85 degrees the next!

When, oh when Spring will you be here to stay? I need a playdate with the great outdoors.


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I’ve been in Connecticut for a few days, and it’s soooo cold! I’ve had a great time hanging out with Diana, and she’s been a fantastic tour guide.

Tuesday, we had several inches of snow, which is way exciting for this Texas Girl. So yesterday, we hiked through the woods behind her house to this great sledding hill she had spotted earlier. Here’s the video of our great adventure!

Sledding from Ann Pasquini on Vimeo.

Today, we went into Boston for the day. It sounded like a great idea, until we got there and it turned out to be 15 degrees!! It was unbelievably cold. So cold, in fact, that I only took 3 pics all day long!! I couldn’t bare to take my hand out of my glove & get the camera out. Here’s my Boston debut:


Tomorrow: NYC!!

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Image Found

I was looking through some old images today and came across some from my very first digital camera, a Nikon! (I’m a CanonGirl, now:)

This is from a hotel window in downtown Austin, May 2006, during a rainstorm. Not only do I LOVE rainstorms (as long as I’m not driving in them!), but I love being up high during a storm and seeing them from a hotel window. And boy does Austin have some great storms!

Nikon cam 07-08_0004a

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Four Generations!

I think this may just be my best shoot ever!

This family was together for the Thanksgiving holiday, and they decided that they would really like to have a family picture! The last time they remembered having a family picture, the girls were little. So it was time!


We spent some additional time giving some photo-love to these sweet babies – they were sooo adorable!! And so well behaved the whole time. I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of the rest of the family dancing behind me trying to keep the twins attention! It was hilarious to hear going on behind me!







Thanks, Toman Family! I really enjoyed meeting you guys!

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’twas the night before Christmas…

Can you believe it?! It’s Christmas Eve! I’m sure Santa’s loading the sled and briefing the reindeer.

Here are a few pics from the Old Shephard Place HOA Holiday in the Park event. This is Cole & Caitlyn enjoying some time with Santa. Aren’t they just the most precious kids?!

OSP HOA_120708_0452

I love how Caitlyn is reaching for Santa’s beard in this one! It’s so sweet.

OSP HOA_120708_0456

OSP HOA_120708_0441

OSP HOA_120708_0453

Merry Christmas Eve!

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…a right jolly old elf.

Look who I ran into last weekend!


I had a great time this past weekend playing Santa’s personal photographer at the Old Shephard Place Holiday in the Park event. It wouldn’t have gone nearly as smoothly if new friend Amy of Opaque Visuals hadn’t accompanied me. Thanks, Amy!

Santa’s bench was quite popular, but Amy & I managed to squeeze in our own photo with him. Thank you also, to Cathy Hurley for inviting me along!

For those of you awaiting photos, stay tuned. Santa’s personal photo studio is hard at work! Check back this weekend.

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Mammoth Men Ride Again!

Seriously, these guys totally have the right idea!! Traveling the country together several times a year on a really cool bus… I mean – can it get any better?! But really, I’m completely envious of their adventures and wish we had a Mammoth Women Bus! Who wants to join me?!

So, they’re a group of 12 photographers, who make a vague itinerary and then post a “Choose Your Own Adventure” poll on their blog, determining what they’ll do the next day! It’s so much fun to follow along, and they are all terrific photographers.


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